Community Benefits

Unlocking the development of much needed new homes for local people

Like the rest of the UK, new homes are needed in Pendle. Our proposals will kick start the development of high-quality new homes, including a portion of affordable homes, at Trough Laithe.


Northstone is committed to delivering a high-quality residential development that responds to the needs of the existing community in Pendle. Our proposals are for approximately 250 homes located in the southern portion of the site, of which 20% will be affordable homes.

Affordable new homes in Pendle

20% will be affordable. There are very few opportunities to provide affordable housing in the area, and our proposals for Trough Laithe provide a great opportunity for more people to get a foot on the housing ladder and put down roots in Pendle.

Modern, forward-thinking development

Northstone’s plans for Trough Laithe will be designed for 21st century living. This means that our homes, shared spaces and the site infrastructure will serve the needs of residents today and in future years.


For example, we want to equip our homes with technology that will facilitate low-carbon lifestyles. This is about ensuring our homes are prepared for the demands and needs of future generations, and our proposals will embrace these challenges to deliver a truly sustainable development.

Economic benefits

Creating new local jobs

The scheme will create new employment opportunities during the construction phase, both directly and indirectly through the supply chain. The housebuilding industry, including its supply chain, is a major contributor to both national and local economies as part of the wider construction sector, both through the employment it creates and the investment it makes in the sites being built.

A boost for local business

Delivery of our new homes in Pendle will provide an economic boost for the local economy and could act as a catalyst for further investment in the area. Nearby shops and businesses will benefit from an increased spend from new local residents.

Increased Council Funds

Pendle Borough Council will receive a New Homes Bonus payment, which is an incentive payment from the Government to councils to support the building of homes. This money will be available to spend on local facilities to benefit the community. Additionally, increased Council Tax revenue will be generated from these new homes.