Design and layout

The design and layout of Tough Laithe reflects our core principles of delivering thoughtfully designed homes located within places where communities can flourish.

Our homes

We’ve challenged and elevated traditional property development principles in home building. Our exclusive designs have been informed by our vast experience and the ‘wish-list’ knowledge we’ve gained over the years from occupiers and homeowners.


Our homes at Trough Laithe will:

Deliver a range of property types to meet the needs of local people, from starter homes to larger family homes as well as homes for those looking to downsize;

Feature high ceilings and large energy-efficient windows to increase natural light;

Stand the test of time by utilising advances in smart technology, such as Electric Vehicle charging points;

Provide open-plan, uncluttered living featuring clever storage solutions to fully utilise the space;

Reflect the architectural character of the area through the use of local stone and other materials;

Be adaptable to respond to residents’ needs and requirements, with flexible room configurations and the option to easily partition rooms in the future;

Exceed standard energy-efficiency requirements by providing household technology that is proven to lower energy bills.

The neighbourhood

We also hope to create outdoor spaces that are attractive and encourage residents to positively engage with their surroundings by:

Delivering a pedestrian-led development offering significantly more breathing space between homes than conventional designs;

Creating an ecologically enriched environment through considered planting of trees, plants and hedgerows to encourage birds, bees and insects;

Building homes which are centred around the site’s natural features, utilise the topography in a sensitive manner, and creating natural open spaces and points of interest throughout;